3 Problems Facing Your ICA PR Application

1. Decline in Approval Rates

Due to the stricter assessment, the approval rates have declined into a low plateau. Now, PR hopefuls have to doubly ensure their application is a cut above the rest amidst increasingly cutthroat competition or risk rejection.

2. Uncertainty Over Approval Chances

Details of the selection criteria have never been disclosed to the public. Without this information, can you be certain you have drafted a spectacular application that effectively displays your best attributes?

3. Tedious Application Process

Once submitted, you cannot recall your application. This stressful process demands your utmost attention as any inaccuracies can lead to rejection, forcing you to wait for another six months before re-applying.

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Why A Cover Letter Boosts Your ICA PR Application

When it comes to applying for permanent residency, there are many mandatory documents you will need to include. While optional, submitting a brief yet succinct one-page cover letter strongly counts towards improving your chances. Just as cover letters help potential employers see how your profile, skill sets and past experiences might suit the role, the immigration officials can better understand your candidacy for PR with a personal write-up.

Crafting a well-balanced, customised write-up may be daunting, but it does pay off in establishing a strong first impression with the officers. Read on to understand how and why a cover letter professionally written by a PR application service can boost your chances.



1. Lets Your Personality Shine in Your ICA PR Application

Your personal statement is a great opportunity to use your own voice and connect with the immigration officials who sieve through thousands of applications. At Paul Immigrations, our in-house writers will use the right tone when crafting your piece so that it will serve as a valuable look into your personality. In lieu of conventional face-to-face interviews, a compelling write-up should convey how well-suited you are for one of these coveted PR vacancies in a memorable way.


2. Shares Your Reasons for Your ICA PR Application

A finely crafted personal statement is where you can express your motivations for applying for permanent residency. Work with our in-house writers to identify your motivations:

  • Are you applying to be with your family in Singapore for the long haul?
  • Are you passionate about setting up businesses here that can benefit the local community?
  • Do you hope to contribute your skills and resources towards improving Singapore’s standing as a regional hub?

Your statement should illustrate who you are as a person and help the immigration officials understand how you might fit in as a future Permanent Resident.


3. Showcases Your Qualifications in Your ICA PR Application

Bring attention to your pertinent qualifications from accredited institutions with a personal write-up. More PR applications coming through the Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) scheme mean that increasingly, the pool of applicants includes more qualified individuals vying for limited PR slots.

Our expert writers will position you as a strong, highly-educated candidate by synthesising your educational qualifications into a detailed, chronological list.


4. Demonstrates Your Professional Experience in Your ICA PR Application

Moreover, you can take this chance to showcase your career experience in terms of prior roles, responsibilities and achievements. Our professional writers will clearly present your career progression, drawing attention to any promotions or job transitions that display professional growth.

They will also include your leadership and management experience with specific, quantifiable details. This helps to paint a better picture of your professional contributions, as well as your soft skills such as effective communication, organisational and teamwork. Including any awards, recognition or special commendations that you have earned at work can also show your value to the workforce.


5. Highlights Your Voluntary Contributions in ICA PR Application

Your professional qualifications and career achievements are not the only things that matter. Well-rounded individuals who have a heart for the community stand a chance, too. With the help of our trained writers, you can highlight the ways in which you have consistently invested your time, effort or monetary resources towards charitable causes. This communicates your sincere investment in the betterment of Singapore’s society.

How Paul Immigrations Can Boost Your ICA PR Application

Professional Writing Services
Professional Writing Services

How far your cover letter takes your application depends on its strong execution. If you are unsure about how to craft yours, seek out professional writing services to help you. Our specialists will be able to craft an impressive copy that effectively conveys your unique mix of strengths and experience.

Keen Insight And Expertise
Keen Insight And Expertise

With so many applications submitted annually, your write-up becomes a valuable additional document to show how closely your profile matches the PR criteria. Identifying the best angle may be tricky for applicants, so engaging trained specialists with keen insight about the system will truly help your cause.

Well-Organised Documentation
Well-Organised Documentation

As much as this document can boost your chances, its efficacy also rests on how well-organised the rest of your paperwork is. On top of ensuring all your necessary documents are included, we will make sure they tally with your personal statement. Paul Immigrations can help you to ensure a seamless process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, your write-up should be one page long. This length will engage the reader while still including enough relevant details to boost the likelihood of PR approval. If you would like to integrate more key information to better illustrate your case, writing slightly longer than a page may suffice. At Paul Immigrations, our in-house writers will know how to balance its length with concise clarity.

Your personal statement should be submitted in soft copy, specifically in PDF format. As ICA only receives applications electronically through the e-Portal, our writers will ensure that your documents have been saved and submitted in the format that has been specified. Saving in PDF is a common industry practice and ensures your files can be opened using most software programs.

ICA provides a comprehensive document list on their website for applicants to refer to. Use this readily available resource to double-check that your documents are all in order. Any missing one can affect your chances at getting approval for PR. If you require assistance in managing the various documents, our experts at Paul Immigrations are more than happy to help streamline your submission process.

Our experts will examine your profile in order to determine the best strategy for you. We may advise you to include other optional documents such as your resume, as well as documents from third parties. Examples include a letter of recommendation from your current employer, performance evaluation reports from previous employers or written testimonials. These documents from external sources can lend another perspective to corroborate your personal narrative for the officials.

Letters from Members of Parliament (MP) may only boost your PR application if they are personalised. As MPs, they are bound to receive numerous requests for letters of recommendation and may return with a generalised copy if they do not know you. A personalised letter from an MP may be possible if one has contributed many hours of community work. However, that is more likely to be either members of the residence committee or regulars at community events.

Nonetheless, if you have been involved in key national or government projects, you may stand a chance to receive a personal endorsement from important officials. With years of experience, our specialists can advise you on the best way forward.

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