Singapore PR Requirement for PTS Scheme

Under the Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS Scheme), foreigners holding the EntrePass, S Pass, Personalised Employment Pass or Employment Pass will have a chance to become a PR under the PTS scheme. Our team of specialists can then help you, along with your dependants, to apply for your PR. With their guidance, your chances to obtain permanent residency in the country will not only be higher, but will get you that much closer to living with your loved ones. Read on to find out more.



1. Holding an Employment Pass and S Pass

An Employment Pass (EP) is focused on allowing managers, professionals and executives to work in the country. Do note that if you are a foreigner without an EP at the moment, you will need to earn at least $3,600 a month and have acceptable qualifications to be eligible for an EP. Additionally, as an EP holder you will have a chance to bring your family members to Singapore if the eligibility criteria are met. The main eligibility criteria to achieve this is to earn a minimum sum of $6,000 a month.

The same goes for an S Pass, which allows mid-level skilled staff to work in Singapore. If you are applying or thinking of applying for one, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria of earning a minimum monthly income of $2,400 and holding certain qualifications such as a degree or a diploma. Note that your certification should comprise at least a year of full-time study. Another important thing to keep in mind is that only the employer or authorised third party will have the authority to apply for a candidate’s S Pass.


2. Holding an EntrePass

Another pass that will allow you to apply for a PR under the PTS scheme is the EntrePass. The EntrePass is catered for foreigners who are keen on launching and operating new businesses in the country. Holders are required to start their own business that is both innovative and viable. When you apply for PR with the help of Paul Immigrations, your application will showcase your business portfolio and increase your chances of becoming a permanent resident in the country.  Engage us and we will give the officers reviewing your case confidence that your business will flourish and grow in the long term.


3. Holding an Personalised Employment Pass

High-earning foreign professionals are eligible for a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP). As a PEP holder, you are empowered to apply for a PR under the PTS scheme. Ideally, you should wait at least six months before submitting your application. This period of time will ensure that your submission contains the required proof of six months’ salary. Our team of specialists will ensure that your application highlights this criteria and will help you consolidate the required documents.


4. Other Singapore PR Requirement To Take Note Of

Besides the above requirements, other factors such as age, qualifications, employment history, current salary, family ties, contributions to the country and duration of stay and employment can very well affect your chances of becoming a Singapore PR. This is the main reason why hiring an immigration specialist is so crucial. They will not only assist you through the entire process, but will also craft personalised cover letters and prepare additional essential documents. By highlighting your achievements and contributions, our team at Paul Immigrations will significantly increase your chances of becoming a Singapore PR.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help You Meet The Singapore PR Requirement

Highlighting Outstanding Qualities
Highlighting Outstanding Qualities

The team of Paul Immigrations is well-equipped with the necessary expertise and experience to highlight each individual’s profile. By entrusting your application to Paul Immigrations, you can be assured that your profile is in good hands. Our in-house writers are able to craft persuasive cover letters that highlight a candidate’s most exceptional qualities.

Tips To Improve Your Profile
Tips To Improve Your Profile

In addition to highlighting your skills and talents, our specialists will also provide candidates with tips on improving your profile. Their years of experience enable them to provide sound advice when it comes to improving your overall application, and in turn, increase your chances of approval.

Efficient Application Process
Efficient Application Process

With the help and guidance of our specialists, you will be able to get through the entire process quickly and without much trouble. Besides streamlining the entire process, our specialists will also ensure that you don’t leave any fields blank, fill in the wrong information, or make any mistakes that might compromise your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the PTS Scheme, you can apply for your PR under the Global Investor Programme (GIP) and the Foreign Artistic Talent scheme (ForArts). Under the GIP, you will need to invest a minimum of S$2.5 million in a new business or an existing business. Whereas for the ForArts, applicants must be skilled in their field of practice and must have made noteworthy contributions in the arts and culture scene in Singapore. Hence, it is best to review your eligibility beforehand.

Although most working professionals apply for their PR under this scheme, it is not conclusive that you will have a better chance attaining your permanent resident status if you apply for it under the aforementioned scheme.

This is why engaging a professional immigration expert will help you in your application. Our specialists are armed with the knowledge to help you find the scheme that suits you best to achieve your permanent resident status. Do keep in mind that in the end, it is up to the Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to decide the fate of your application.

Fortunately, being unable to provide your transcripts will not lead to an automatic rejection. Although it might have a small impact on your application, providing a written declaration as to why you don’t have your educational transcripts will go a long way to explain their absence. Additionally, it could also give them more insight into your situation.

At Paul Immigrations, our specialists are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to help you draft a letter that provides a detailed explanation as to why your transcripts are not included.

It depends on the type of application or scheme that you are applying your PR under. The typical processing time for a permanent residence application will take anywhere between four to six months. However, certain applications will take a longer time to process, so don’t be alarmed if and when you have been waiting longer than expected. Alternatively, you could also check the status of your submission via the ICA e-Service. Our attentive specialists will always be there to provide assistance with this.

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