3 Common Challenges When Striving for Singapore PR Eligibility

1. Decreasing Approval Rates

The reduced number of new Permanent Residents per year suggests a stricter evaluation process. Re-applicants and new applicants alike may find it even more challenging to secure the status today.

2. Aggressive Competition

Tighter competition for the scarce number of PR positions is daunting to both new and repeat applicants. Submitting an unconvincing profile that fails to distinguish you from the crowd is tantamount to immediate rejection.

3. Arduous Process With Staggering Volume of Paperwork

Without any interviews, ascertaining the eligibility of a candidate’s profile is strictly contingent on the submitted documentation. Applicants can miss out on key documents when under pressure, jeopardising their chances of success.

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Singapore PR Eligibility: Can Your Spouse Apply?

Are you a Singaporean/ Singapore PR married to a foreign spouse or planning to get married to a non-Singaporean? And do you both desire to live in this country for life as a couple?

If your answer is yes to the questions above, then this is the best time to assess your spouse’s/ future spouse’s eligibility to become a Permanent Resident so that your wish becomes a reality for the both of you. Planning ahead and having a clear objective is indeed the game plan here. But before anything else, you would need to know one thing clearly: can your spouse apply for Permanent Residency?

Please read on to find out as we analyse the various ways your significant other may be eligible for PR.



1. Singapore PR Eligibility: Family Scheme

If you are a Singaporean, your wedlock has to be legal. During the e-PR application, the applicant has to produce documental proofs for verification purposes, including an official marriage certificate.


2. Singapore PR Eligibility: PTS Scheme (Dependant)

If you plan to become PR under the Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme, your Non-Singaporean spouse can also apply as your dependant. Similar to the Family Scheme, to qualify, your marriage has to be recognised by the law with substantial proofs.


3. Singapore PR Eligibility: PTS Scheme (Main Applicant)

Is your significant other holding on to an Employment Pass (EP), Personalised Employment Pass, EntrePass, or a Social Pass (S Pass)? If yes, then he/she would be eligible to apply for PR via the PTS Scheme as the main applicant by producing the necessary documents during e-PR application.


4. Singapore PR Eligibility: Global Investor Programme (GIP)

Is your Non-Singaporean partner willing or planning to invest at least S$2.5 million into the local economy? Then, the GIP may be the option for him/ her. There are a couple of options set by the Economic Development Board (EDB) where the investment can be done, and this scheme uses your significant other’s own merits to apply for Permanent Residency.


5. Singapore PR Eligibility: Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts)

Your spouse has an option to use the ForArts scheme to apply for PR if he/she is an arts professional who has made outstanding contributions to the local arts and cultural landscape in at least one of the following fields:

  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Design
  • Literary Arts
  • Media

But for all of the above to work, there are other cushioning factors that ICA takes into account. Your better half has to have a strong significant relationship in your family—meaning, the length of your marriage is crucial. Additionally, if your spouse is gainfully employed or employable, then he/ she comes in as a boost for this nation’s workforce and economy. How long your significant other has been in this country also matters as it proves his/ her commitment to our economy and society.

So by now, you would have roughly known whether your partner is eligible for this highly coveted status. If you are unsure, look no further but contact Paul Immigrations, an immigrations consultancy that can guide you and your better half through this journey.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help Your Spouse’s PR Application

Document Consolidation
Document Consolidation

The number of documents to be collated can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time applicants. Moreover, the necessary documentation may vary depending on the scheme selected, which can further confuse you. Our team of experts can take this tedious task off your shoulders.

Assist with E-PR Submission
Assist with E-PR Submission

The online application can be truly time consuming and tedious. One error in your application can deem your submission invalid. Rest assured, we can ease this process for you by proofreading your submission, helping you submit it within the stipulated timeline with zero errors.

Sound Tips From Experts
Sound Tips From Experts

Who would not want to hear out expert advice before submitting an important application that can mean a lot in your life? Our experienced specialists do not provide blanket advice for everyone but tailor their tips to each applicant to give them the best shot at attaining the dream SPR status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless they have been exempted, all male Permanent Residents under the nation’s Enlistment Act, must serve National Service (NS). If he has been granted the SPR status under the Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme or the Global Investor Programme, then he is exempted from NS.

Renouncing or losing his PR status without completing NS would heavily impact any immediate or future applications to live, work and study in this City-State. It would also affect his future applications for renewal of Re-Entry Permits should there be.

You can always contact Paul Immigrations to check your loved one’s PR eligibility and whether your husband is required to enlist after obtaining PR status.

Not necessarily. To purchase a HDB flat in Singapore, at least one of the applicants has to be a Citizen or both the applicants must be SPRs. You can purchase the flat via two schemes only—the Public Scheme and the Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme.

Yes, you would be eligible for more grants like the Family Grant, the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant or the Additional CPF Housing Grant! We highly encourage your spouse to become a SPR to make this city-state your home.

We assess every prospective client for their probability of obtaining the SPR status. Only after ensuring that your foreign partner is totally eligible for the application, then we start with the paperwork and end with a clean submission. Our checklist is so robust that we will not miss out any crucial information or additional merits that your significant other possesses, which helps strengthen their case for PR. These details could be overlooked if the application is submitted without engaging Paul Immigrations.

While meeting the criteria will definitely boost your profile, it does not ensure an approval. To further improve their profile, engage Paul Immigrations to find out how our highly experienced specialists can help them stand out among the crowd.

Yes, they may still be able apply. However, they might want to consider working with specialists at Paul Immigrations so they can advise your spouse on how to better develop their profile to maximise their chances of approval.

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