Should You Hire a PR Agent Singapore?

There is a common misconception that self-application will fare better rather than an profile that is handled by a specialist.  It is understandable to believe that having more control over the paperwork and may increase your chances for approval, however, this is not the case.

Hiring a PR agent has many advantages, besides their expertise and keen industry knowledge, these professionals will ensure that the entire process is streamlined without compromising the overall quality of your profile. Let’s take a deeper look at what this process entails.



1. Understands Rules and Regulations of PR Application

Typically, self-application causes confusion and even leads to fields being filled improperly or sometimes even at all due to a lack of understanding. Needless to say, mistakes and skipped fields can very well compromise your overall profile and even ruin any future chances of re-appeal. This is one of the main reasons why hiring a professional is so crucial. Due to their long-standing expertise and industry knowledge, specialists have developed an acute understanding of Singapore’s immigration laws. This has provided these professionals with the know-how on tackling common issues that most people won’t even think of.


2. Uphold Personal Privacy

Representatives at Paul Immigrations practice a strict code of professionalism when it comes to the handling of personal information of their clients. From ensuring that all personal data is stored securely to practicing a stringent check on records, they take personal privacy of their clients extremely seriously. Hence, you can be assured that your private information is in safe hands.

Besides ensuring that personal data is stored securely, you can also disclose any personal information or questions that you have to your specialist instead of posing it on forums or family members and friends. It is not uncommon for people to turn to forums to find seek pointers when filling in their PR application form. Although you are receiving “free information”, sometimes the information is not at all accurate. Worse yet, this information is sought out at the risk of exposing any potential and private information about yourself and your loved ones.


3. Provides Crucial Support For Your Application

In addition to safeguarding your personal information, having a specialist will also help you to tackle “hard” questions, especially if the English language is not your strong suit. These professionals can guide you through each field and questions, giving you helpful advice on crafting the best possible answers for your profile. Providing a clear and concise answer can very well decide the fate of your chances.


4. Save Time With PR Agent Singapore

It goes without saying that hiring a professional will save plenty of time.

It is rare for a specialist to work alone, in most well established companies, there is usually a team of experienced professionals who undertake different tasks to ensure that a client’s paperwork is completed with as much relevant information as possible. With various professionals focusing on different aspects of your paperwork, your paperwork will be completed in a timely manner.

How Paul Immigrations Can Improve Your PR Chances

Advise on Eligibility
Advise on Eligibility

With their vast knowledge and expertise, our  specialists are able to calculate your eligibility for a Singapore PR.  They are also able to suggest on how you can improve your overall chances. Work closely with your specialist to decrease the chances of a rejection.

Personalise Profile
Personalise Profile

The officers at the Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) review countless paperwork throughout the day. Hence, it is important that your profile stands out from the rest. Our team not only ensure the completion of your submission, but also invest a lot of time to craft your outstanding profile.

End-to-End Assistance
End-to-End Assistance

Our specialists provide end-to-end assistance from the start to the end of your application. They will ensure that you are provided with the assistance you need to complete your paperwork with relevant and accurate information.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for your Singapore PR using the e-Service on the ICA website. Ensure that you have all the required documents with you before you start the process of applying. Work with us, and our specialists will assist with submitting your documents, making sure that you leave nothing out.

We specialise in providing end-to-end assistance when it comes to PR processing. From crafting a personalised resume and cover letter to helping you prepare all the essential documents you need, Paul Immigrations goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that your profile provides you with the best chance of approval.

Typically, a PR approval will take an estimated 2 to 8 weeks to be fully prepared and compiled with the help of Paul Immigrations. However, it really depends on the individual’s profile and the type of scheme that they are applying under. Ensure that your documents are valid before you submit them, this is crucial as this will not only save time, but it will also lower the chances of a rejection.

Supporting documents not only highlight your skills and professional experience, but they can also improve your chances of approval. Make sure that you list down time invested in community activities, volunteering, or other events that impacts the society and community at large positively.

If your application gets rejected, you can re-apply in 6 months. This is largely because that’s the amount of time you would need before any significant change can be made in any area of your life. This will also show that you have taken the initiative to make changes to your profile before proceeding with a fresh entry to attain the PR status of the little red dot.

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