PR Status Check: Is Your Application Rejected?

Are you feeling low that your Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) application got rejected and wondering what could have happened?

There are multiple reasons behind an outcome, be it positive or negative. ICA assesses every case carefully, and that is the primary reason why an applicant has to wait from four to six months after applying for the highly coveted status.

Understanding what went wrong before you re-apply would matter the most now. Your aim now is indeed to receive a positive outcome — realising your biggest dream of becoming an SPR.

Here is how you can move ahead:



1. Reassess Your Eligibility

First step is to check if you meet all the requirements to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence once again. Find out which scheme would best suit you as a PR applicant.

The following are major consideration factors, depending on the scheme you are applying for:

  • Economical contributions of individuals and those in the household
  • Gainfully employed family members
  • Investors who could bolster the local economy & offer jobs to the local population
  • Spouse, child or aged parent is attached to a sponsor
  • Education and skills
  • Youth vs Experience
  • Old age support ratio – balancing the number of working adults to the elderly in Singapore
  • Duration of stay

Sometimes you may fall into two or more categories. In such cases, approaching a specialist can help you find out which would be your best choice and prepare substantial supportive documents to strengthen your submission for ICA’s evaluation.


2. Approach a Professional for Advice

Next,  seek professional advice on the possible reasons you were rejected. Understanding the requirements of becoming an SPR and being extremely precise during the process is not an easy task. Engaging an immigration consultancy firm such as Paul Immigrations with a team of highly experienced specialists would definitely help you out at this point.

Our team of experts can assist with highlighting your areas of concern. Therefore, you would be able to save a lot of time and without the stress of trying to find out what could have led to your application’s rejection on your own. A professional would then guide you in your scheme selection, collate all essential paperwork without an error and update you on the needful to boost your submission. These concrete steps would ultimately aid in finally achieving your dream.


3. Raise Your Application’s Approval Chances

The third step is to look out for ways to ensure that your submission stands out above the rest. Every year, you would be competing with many other prospective PRs. ICA only approves around 30,000 PR applications per year. Here are some strategies that our specialists take to raise your chances of being one of them.

  • Find out the best time to submit your application and do so then
  • Write a customised cover letter and organise recommendation letters from your employers
  • Draw out your capabilities
  • Get all your non-English documentations translated into English by ICA’s approved translators

Your length of residency also demonstrates a commitment to live in Singapore. Higher emphasis is placed by ICA on this since the officers wish to ascertain that you are not going to renounce your Permanent Residency in the coming years should be granted the status.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help You Achieve An Approved PR Status

Lead You Through The Process
Lead You Through The Process

Given the tedium of the SPR application process, it can be tiresome to ensure that every step is error-free. At Paul Immigrations, our specialists guide our clients with expert tips for every step taken forward. Whether you need to be sure with the needful documents, understand your success ratio or get help with the online system, the experts have your back.

Collate Essential Documents
Collate Essential Documents

ICA has to validate the purpose of your application and so, the number of documents required per scheme can be very overwhelming. Our key services include professionally compiling clients’ necessary documents. You can relax, knowing no crucial documents would be missed out for submission and ultimately cost your result.

Craft An Exclusive Cover Letter
Craft An Exclusive Cover Letter

With the authorities sieving through thousands of applications per year, yours has to look promising. One way is to give it a polished cover letter that highlights your best qualities and capabilities. At Paul Immigrations, our highly experienced in-house writers can draft out a professional cover letter which would highly substantiate the documents you submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course we will help our clients out in every way possible. You are always welcome to our office to get the submission done with the professional guidance of Paul Immigrations’ expert. Having our specialist sit in with you whilst you proceed with the online submission would definitely eradicate all your hesitations and worries. Should you have any concerns at any point of time, the expert is just beside you to assist. There is no need to stress over not knowing what to do next or how to fill up a specific field because help is readily available. This way, your submission would be error-free.

We always guide our clients to use a desktop instead of a handheld device to check the status of your online application.

Engaging a professional would also definitely minimise such confusions and our team of experts would be able to help you ease the difficulties of common technical issues that you may face, such as dealing with enabling cookies and pop-ups, or figuring out your login credentials (SingPass or Foreign Identification Number). Having served more than 15,000 clients, our specialists have the expertise to foresee the kind of technical issues applicants might face and advise them accordingly.

We are sorry that you have had to face a rejection. We totally understand your concerns but unfortunately, you may not be able to reapply immediately. ICA does not allow an immediate reapplication because they have valid reasons for rejection with every case. They prefer to have the applicant iron out the shortcomings during the 6-month window, meaning that the reapplicant has ample time to fulfil their criteria then.

You may reapply for the status after a 6-month waiting period from the date of the outcome. At that juncture, we highly recommend that you engage a professional firm like Paul Immigrations. Our expertise would be able to guide you in identifying and addressing the areas that require attention before reapplying for SPR.

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