PR Application Status: Pending, What’s Next?

Every year, thousands of PR hopefuls send in applications to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA). With a choice position in the economy, a stable government, world-renowned healthcare, a myriad of benefits for locals and PRs alike, and residents from all walks of life, Singapore is a highly sought-after destination for many to settle down.

Approximately, you can expect to receive an acceptance or rejection letter in four to six months. If you have been accepted, congratulations are in order! You may now proceed to complete the protocol at the ICA building.

However, if you have been unsuccessful, do not be discouraged. You can make another attempt in future as there are no limitations to how many times you can apply. Here’s what you can do to boost your chances when you decide to try again.



1. Reach Out to the Experts for a Positive PR Application Status

After becoming aware of your rejected application, a less exhaustive direction you can take is by engaging the people who do it best.

With years of experience and know-how, professionals such as specialists at Paul Immigrations are able to understand your unique circumstances and showcase all your best qualities to the approving officers.

Other services provided by experts that will help in your strengthening your case:

  • In-depth analysis of your eligibility to meet the strict criteria set by ICA to apply for permanent residence in Singapore
  • Personalised and professionally written cover letters
  • Management of all documentation that requires submission
  • Additional documents that are not mandatory but may bolster your submission

If you are unsure about the process or feel that you would prefer professional guidance, reaching out to industry experts should be a consideration for you.


2. Evaluate Your Rejected PR Application Status

Rejection can be difficult to digest and disheartening, particularly when you have so certainly set your heart on your new home. Nevertheless, if you still desire to relocate to this metropolitan city state, you can always try again!

The reason for rejection will never be enclosed in your letter as the approval process is a highly confidential one. Nevertheless, by taking some time to reassess your submission, you may be able to come up with a general gist as to why it was turned away. Generally, there tends to be a combination of reasons that results in a rejection — here are some of them:

  • Age
  • Economic contributions to the country
  • Family profile
  • Family ties to Singapore
  • Length of work and stay in the country
  • Skills and qualifications
  • Incomplete documents/inaccurate information

Narrowing down the above reasons can understandably be challenging. If you need help with this, consider engaging our team of experts at Paul Immigrations. Our professional insight can help you evaluate your rejection and later, assess your chances for your next attempt.


3. Prepare for Your Next PR Application

Now that you know your PR application status and reviewed your past submission, you should start preparing for your next application!

You are encouraged to wait at least six months before reapplying, and chances of receiving another rejection are higher if there are no significant changes in your life. These significant changes could range from:

  • A new job
  • Investments
  • Improved salary
  • Marriage to a Singaporean or permanent resident.

As all PR applications must be submitted online, all the supporting documents ought to be ready and easily accessible to you.

Additionally, while reviewing your application, you should ensure the documentation you provided to the authorities was accurate, complete, and consistent. As disappointing as it is to read a letter encompassing bad news, you must not fabricate any documents, certifications or relationships you have. Instead, all the information provided has to be legitimate, up to date and legible.

A professional can assist you with all of the above, ensuring that your submission is complete and abides by the laws that govern this process.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help You Track Your PR Application Status

Focused Guidance Throughout
Focused Guidance Throughout

Applying for permanent residency can be tedious, especially whilst juggling work and personal life. Our team of specialists are focused entirely on building a submission that shows you in your best light and aiding you with your queries. Let us handle your PR application while you focus on what matters most.

Precise Document Consolidation
Precise Document Consolidation

Thinking about the volume of paperwork needed is already exhausting. With the substantial number of documents required, you may miss out on some, resulting in an invalid application. The specialist team at Paul Immigrations has years of experience in handling all documentation with precision and meticulousness.

Customised Cover Letter
Customised Cover Letter

At Paul Immigrations, our in-house writers will always ensure that you have a greater chance at success with a personalised cover letter. While a cover letter is not mandatory, an application with a concise yet compelling cover letter allows the reader a glimpse into your unique personality, your potential and enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is just fine to hold on to your work pass, you should consider applying for PR if you are keen on making Singapore your home. You will also enjoy the benefits that come with the status, including:

  • Higher access to job opportunities
  • Low crime rate
  • Multicultural society
  • World-renowned healthcare

Lastly, if your goal is to become a citizen, the best track to becoming one would be by becoming a PR first.

No one scheme is the best. It all depends on what fits you best, depending on your unique circumstances.

As a work pass holder, you can apply via:

  • Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS)
  • Global Investor Programme Scheme (GIP)
  • Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme

It will certainly increase your chances, but all submissions are still subject to the approval of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore.

If you are uncertain or cannot determine which scheme is the most beneficial to you, fill in the contact form below, and we will contact you shortly.

PR application status information can be accessed via the ICA website.

If you have engaged Paul Immigrations, you may reach out to your dedicated specialist to check up on the status. Aside from preparing for the application itself, our specialists are also at the ready to assist you with your queries.

Yes, it can take approximately four to six months before you receive either a confirmation or a rejection.

Not necessarily. The diverse range of schemes may allow you to either apply for them separately (after you have become a permanent resident) or as a family.

If you are applying after becoming a PR, your child needs to meet these criteria:

  • Under 21 years old
  • Unmarried
  • Born to or adopted by legally married parents (you and your spouse)

The same criteria is applicable if you are applying as a family via the PTS scheme or GIP.

All male children who are granted permanent residency are required to serve National Service (NS) upon turning 18.

There are three other times a child can submit a PR application on their own:

  • If he/she is above 21 and holds a work pass, they can apply via the PTS scheme, GIP, or Foreign Artistic Talent scheme
  • If he/she is married to a Singaporean or PR, they can apply as a dependant of their spouse
  • If he/she is an international student who has resided in Singapore for a minimum of two years, attends a local school, and has sat for a national exam such as PSLE, GCE ‘N’/’O’/’A’ Levels, or are in the Integrated Programme (IP)

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