3 Major Problems When You Apply Singapore PR

1. Higher Rejection Rate

The number of individuals accepted as PRs every year has dwindled by half. Despite that, the demand for the SPR continues to rise, making the need to submit an outstanding profile even more urgent.

2. Unclear Odds of Approval

While all candidates have to meet the standard criteria, officials have still kept the decision-making process confidential. Although you are an eligible candidate, how can you ensure your application measures up?

3. Arduous Process and Paperwork

The process of submitting a long list of documents via the online portal is a lengthy and demanding task. An omission of a single certification or declaration form can render your application void.

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How to Apply Singapore PR With Your Work Pass

Work passes are work visas issued by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) that enable foreign talents to stay and work in Singapore. Professionals and mid-level skilled workers hold any one of the following visas:

  • Employment Pass (EP)
  • Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)
  • Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)
  • S Pass

However, these passes only last between one to three years before requiring renewal. If you are a work pass holder, why not consider converting your short-term work visa into Permanent Residency (PR)?

For valid work pass holders, you are well-suited to apply under the Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme. But with so many other foreign talents vying for the same spots, there will be fierce competition.

Read on to learn the three key steps that a specialist will take to help you meet Singapore PR requirement successfully.



1. Assess Your Eligibility Before You Apply Singapore PR

Fortunately, the majority of PR hopefuls who apply through the PTS scheme have been successful. However, your valid work visa is not the sole determinant. As the specialist are very familiar with how immigration officials review applications, they will first assess your eligibility with these following questions:

  • Age: Do you fall under the age of 50?
  • Finances: Can you financially support yourself and your dependents, if any?
  • Education: What educational qualifications and specialisations do you possess?
  • Career: What professional experience do you have? Are these in key industries?
  • Family ties: Do you have existing family members or relatives in Singapore?
  • Duration of stay: How long have you stayed in Singapore? Are you well-integrated?

It can be overwhelming to go through the criteria list alone. Hence, engaging with an expert would replace that stress with a more accurate reading of your current situation and higher chances at approval.


2. Collate Your Paperwork When You Apply Singapore PR

Once your eligibility has been determined, the specialist will start organising your necessary papers in digital formats for online submission. These include:

  • Completed Form 4A and Accompanying Notes to Form 4A
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Identification papers
  • Travel documents including your valid work pass
  • Highest educational certificates
  • Proof of employment including employer’s letter, and payslips for the last six months

ICA only accepts submissions in English, so the specialist will ensure that any non-English paperwork that you submit comes with a verified translation.

To supplement your submission, the expert will also craft a personalised cover letter that deftly summarises your case for the immigration authorities. They may also advise including third party testimonials and performance evaluations to further boost your application.


3. Submit Your Application Online When You Apply Singapore PR

Officials now accept only electronic applications via the e-PR system. All applicants only have 7 days (168 hours) to complete their submission. This is where our professional help will come in handy for a smooth process.

An expert will first ensure that you have a valid SingPass account to log into the e-PR system. They will oversee the upload of all your forms and documents, making sure that they are in the correct digital dimensions and formats, namely PDF or JPEG. Lastly, they ensure that you complete your submission with the $100 fee.

For first-time applicants, navigating this entire process is intimidating. It is no surprise why many seek the help of trained and experienced professionals here in Paul Immigrations.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help You Apply Singapore PR

Guide You With Expertise
Guide You With Expertise

Our specialists are familiar with the ins and outs of the system, so you can lean on their expertise to best assess your viability as a candidate. They will know how to boost your profile for higher chances at approval.

Elevate Your Application Profile
Elevate Your Application Profile

Including supplementary documents such as a personalised cover letter can greatly improve your profile in the eyes of the officers. Why not better your chances by enlisting the help of Paul Immigrations to craft an exclusive personal statement?

Streamline The Entire Process
Streamline The Entire Process

With the extensive list of items and tasks you will need to manage, make it easier for yourself with some help. Our team of experts knows how to streamline your submission for a fuss-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your profile is still valid even though you are missing a copy of any mandatory records. In lieu of your missing files, our expert team at Paul Immigrations will include a letter of declaration that gives a good reason for their absence.

Applying under the PTS scheme lets you include your spouse and your biological or adoptive children under 21.

Yes, the PTS scheme allows applicants to submit an application individually.

Yes, our experts will check that you have included the current official marriage certificates, and any death or divorce certificates of previous marriage(s), if applicable.

While optional, a cover letter makes your profile stand out amongst thousands. It gives the authorities a bird’s eye view of your motivations and unique mix of skills and experiences. Our expert writers are more than happy to help you craft your personalised piece convincingly yet succinctly.

Unfortunately, ICA only accepts submissions in English as it is the standard common language here in Singapore. If your key documents are originally in languages other than English, they should be accompanied with a verified translation.

You can get a translation from one of the following sources:

  • The high commission/embassy of the country that issued the document
  • A notary public based in the country of issue or Singapore
  • Private translators whose translations are (a) authenticated by the high commission/embassy of the country of issue; or (b) notarised by a notary public based in Singapore or the country of issue.

Our specialists will also make sure these translations are submitted and that you retain both physical and soft copies.

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