3 Main Obstacles When You Apply Singapore PR

1. Demanding Process and Tedious Paperwork

From identification papers to appraisals, many applicants struggle to efficiently collate the relevant paperwork. Missing or incorrect documents can prove costly, and consequently, even the most outstanding can find themselves rejected.

2. Slim Chances of Application Approval

The road to SPR narrows as the number of approvals per year remains stable at 30,000 despite growing demand. In this competitive market, how can you distinguish yourself from the rest and make the cut?

3. Uncertainty Over Eligibility

No official sources have released information about the evaluation process, leaving applicants to speculate about what determines their eligibility. How can you secure your Permanent Residence in the midst of uncertainty?

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How to Apply Singapore PR Easily

You’ve finally decided to apply for your Singapore PR! Now comes the hard part. Apart from consolidating, preparing and organising the necessary paperwork, you will also need to make a mental checklist that covers the entire tedious process from start to finish. Figuring out how to apply Singapore PR can be a hassle, especially if you are going through it alone. Find out how Paul Immigrations can streamline the process and help you put together a quality application for your submission.



1. How to Apply Singapore PR: Choose the Scheme You Are Eligible For

There are a number of schemes that you can apply for based on your eligibility. Currently, there are six main schemes that you can consider when applying for PR:

  • Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme
  • Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts)
  • Global Investor Programme (GIP)
  • Family Scheme
  • Aged Parent Scheme
  • Student Scheme

If you have a hard time deciding among these schemes, it would be wise to engage a professional who can give you the insight you need to make the right decision. Our experienced specialists will be able to choose a scheme that is best suited for your skills, talents, qualifications and professional experience.


2. How to Apply Singapore PR: Consolidate the Documents You Need For Your Application

Next, you will need to compile a list of documents required to apply for PR. In addition to having the proper paperwork, you have to ensure that all of them are in English. In the event that your official papers are not in English, they need to be accompanied with a notarised translation. Apart from having the required documents, including supplementary paperwork, such as a cover letter, may boost your chances of becoming a PR.

Our team of specialists will provide you with the assistance you need. With their help, you will have a higher chance of being approved as a PR.


3. How to Apply Singapore PR: Utilise the e-PR System to Submit Your Application

The submission of your PR must be done via the ICA’s e-PR system. First-time applicants may find the e-PR system intimidating. Apart from being unfamiliar with the system, there is also the additional worry of making mistakes during the submission process.

Our specialists will be able to guide you through this entire e-PR submission process. They will also ensure that no documents are left out and prevent any mistakes that could potentially compromise your PR submission.

How Paul Immigrations Improves Your Chances

Organise Documents for Your Application
Organise Documents for Your Application

Since all PR submissions are made via the e-PR system, it is vital that you don’t skip any steps in the process. These mistakes will not only reflect your profile negatively, but can also result in an invalid application. Our team of professionals will see to it that the paperwork required for the process is complete and accurate.

Streamline the Entire Application Process
Streamline the Entire Application Process

Putting your application together can get tiresome if you don’t fully comprehend the process behind it. Apart from consolidating the required documents, you also need to ensure that your submission reflects relevant, timely and accurate information. Our team will personally see to it that each step of the process is checked before the final submission.

Reduce Hassle and Save Time
Reduce Hassle and Save Time

First-time applicants may find the ICA e-PR system a challenge to navigate, which in turn might cause them to waste time trying to find their way around the system. The professionals at Paul Immigrations will provide the assistance you need to fill any information, thereby allowing you to submit your application quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

A personalised cover letter can greatly improve your chances of approval. Our team of professionals will be able to craft one personally for you that reflects your skills and qualifications.

Do include them in your cover letter. Any contributions made for the betterment of the Singaporean society at large in your personal time or professional history will indicate a strong interest to integrate and give back to the community. Drawing attention to them may very well stack the odds in your favour.

Our specialists will ensure that you compile all the necessary documents before beginning the submission process. You would not have to fret over any missing paperwork during this time.

In the event that you are unable to locate your transcripts, you will need to provide a substantial reason. At Paul Immigrations, our experienced team will be able to draft a declaration letter that accurately reflects your situation and provides a valid and thorough explanation for their absence.

As long as you are able to provide a concrete explanation as to why you are missing these documents, your application will not be deemed invalid or incomplete. You may include a declaration letter to explain the absence of these documents.

If you engage the services of a Paul Immigrations professional, we will draft a declaration letter for you. This will not only ensure peace of mind when the time for submitting your documents arrives, but will also allow you to focus on other matters at hand.

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