Are You Eligible to Apply for Singapore PR?

If you are planning to apply for Permanent Resident (PR) status in Singapore, you would first need to determine which PR scheme you are eligible for. There are five schemes that you can apply for permanent residency in the Lion City, each with their own set of eligibility criteria. Unsure if you are eligible to be a PR? Read on to find out more about each of the five and their requirements to identify which is best suited for you to apply under.

1. Apply for Singapore PR Through PTS Scheme

If you are employed in the country and hold either an Employment Pass or S Pass, you are eligible to apply for permanent residency through the Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme. It also allows you to include your spouse and/or children in your submission. Unfortunately, work permit holders are not eligible to do so under this option, but may consider the others listed below.

2. Apply for Singapore PR Through Family Scheme

The following groups of individuals may be eligible for permanent residence in the Lion City under the Family Scheme if they are:

  • Legally married spouse of a Singapore Citizen/PR
  • Child of a Singapore Citizen/PR who is unmarried, below 21 years of age, and was either born to a legally married couple or was legally adopted
  • Aged parents of a Singapore Citizen

3. Apply for PR Through Student Scheme

If you are a foreign student in the country, you may submit an application to obtain PR status under the Student Scheme, as long as you have:

  • Stayed in the country for at least two years at the point of your application
  • Either passed at least one national exam (PSLE or GCSE ‘N’/’O’/’A’ levels) or are in the Integrated Programme

4. Apply for Singapore PR Through GIP

Foreigners who wish to invest in the country’s economy may apply to become a PR via the Global Investor Programme (GIP), a permanent residency scheme administered by Contact Singapore — a division of the Economic Development Board. The GIP was established to provide experienced foreign entrepreneurs and investors who wish to invest in a new or existing business in the country an easier route to obtaining PR status.

5. Apply for Singapore PR Through ForArts

Foreign artists who are keen to carve their career in the Lion City may apply for PR status through the Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts). ForArts is jointly administered by ICA and the National Arts Council, and caters to foreign artists who have made significant contributions in their respective creative fields.

How We Can Help Raise Your PR Approval Chances

Lead You Throughout the Entire Process
Lead You Throughout the Entire Process

The process involved in getting permanent residency can be complex, making it easy for you to accidentally leave out crucial information and documents. The team at Paul Immigrations will guide you throughout the entire process, leaving no stone unturned to bring you a step closer to becoming a PR.

Organise All Necessary Documents
Organise All Necessary Documents

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority will deem a submission incomplete if it is missing any required document(s), thus causing it to be rejected. At Paul Immigrations, our team of specialists will eliminate this concern and ensure every single document has been accounted for.

Prepare Additional Essential Documents
Prepare Additional Essential Documents

Stand out from other applicants by including additional documents that highlight your positive traits and contributions. With their expertise, our team of specialists will advise you on the type of documents that will help raise the success rate of your submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ICA does not recognise common-law spouses with regard to the submission for PR status. Since an official marriage certificate has to be produced by the applicant’s sponsor (i.e. the Singapore Citizen/PR), the couple has to be married within a legal context.

According to ICA regulations, a citizen is only allowed to sponsor the PR application of their biological or legally adoptive parents. If your parents-in-law are keen on applying for permanent residency in the country, they may do so via one of two options. 

Firstly, if your spouse is not a citizen of the country, have them submit a citizenship application. If they are granted citizenship, your spouse may sponsor their parents’ PR application. 

The second option is for your parents-in-law to submit their PR application based on their own merits via one of the following PR schemes: PTS scheme, GIP, or ForArts.

If your residential address changes while your submission is being processed, immediately update this new information on ICA’s ePR system. This ensures you do not miss any crucial letters relating to the outcome of your submission.

As missing any document required by ICA will deem your submission incomplete, you have to supplement your application with a declaration letter, explaining the absence of your documents. If you are unsure of how to write this letter, approach our team of experts at Paul Immigrations, who will help you prepare your declaration letter and ensure your submission is still considered valid by ICA. 

While the National Arts Council (NAC) is the administering body of the ForArts scheme, ICA still makes the final decision on all applications for PR status in the Republic. If you have obtained approval by the NAC for the ForArts scheme, you will be required to go through ICA’s PR application process. This means submitting the PR application form as well as the necessary supporting documents to ICA.

Our team of specialists at Paul Immigrations will be able to guide you through this application process, ensuring you do not miss out on any important information or documents required by ICA.

If you have decided to apply for permanent residency in the country, then we advise you to submit your application as soon as possible. Remember, you are vying for this coveted status against thousands of other applicants. In addition, ICA has tightened their regulations over the years to ensure only the best individuals — those who are serious about contributing to the country’s progress — are granted the status. Therefore, getting your submission settled as soon as you can may increase your likelihood of obtaining permanent residency here.

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