3 Problems When Submitting Your PR Application Form

1. Limited PR Approvals and Intense Competition

The number of candidates approved has been kept steady at only 30,000 per year. With such a tight hold on approvals, the competition grows fiercer as more qualified and unique applicants strive for the limited spots.

2. Lack of Confidence in Approval Chances

It is nearly impossible to gauge your chances as there is no officially released information about the assessment process. How can you ensure your submission makes the grade?

3. Passing The Rigid Review Process

On top of the increasingly tight competition, your submission will be scrutinised for the tiniest of mistakes. Submitting an unconvincing application will surely result in failure and an additional six-month wait before your next try.

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8 Errors to Avoid with the PR Application Form

The highly coveted Singapore Permanent Resident status is the golden ticket to a plethora of benefits, such as subsidised medical costs, safe infrastructure, clean environment, premium education, and stable economy.  The route to achieving it, though, is not a bed of roses.

You would not want to have your application rejected, so it is highly vital to keep it error-free. ICA runs through thousands of submissions per year and only selects the cream of the crop to be granted the PR status. Even if your profile has great potential, you face the risk of getting rejected if you miss out any details. You will then have to wait for the next six months before reapplying.

Mistakes are bound to happen. So, have an experienced specialist from an immigration consultancy firm with a good track record to run through your completed form. They will be able to spot mistakes and provide expert tips whilst reviewing your application for success. Read on to learn more.



1. Incorrect Information in PR Application Form

Every incorrect detail — letter or numeral —  may gravely affect your entire submission by communicating an inaccurate representation of yourself.  A specialist can guide you through the submission, ensuring that you complete each section on the e-PR system accurately. Rest assured, every information that you need to submit to the ICA will be thoroughly vetted along the way.


2. Incomplete Fields in PR Application Form

Ignoring sections if they do not apply to you is not acceptable. With no face-to-face meetup initially, officials would regard the information provided insufficient or incomplete, which may lead to non-acceptance of your submission. An expert can inform you on what should be indicated for all the relevant fields so that your application is submitted in its best form.


3. No Soft Copies of Documents for PR Application Form

Without digitising your documents beforehand, you will not be able to upload them efficiently. You will end up spending your time making soft copies of the documents instead of completing the form during the application window. The advice of a specialist on the do’s and don’ts to ensure that you spend your time completing your form effectively will be greatly helpful.


4. Missing Relevant Documents from PR Application Form

If you do not have your non-English records translated or your supporting documents from your embassy, schools or employers, your submission may not be accepted. A professional has a neat checklist to keep track of the essential documents so you leave none behind.


5. Submitting Irrelevant Documents in PR Application Form

Do not feel urged to submit more than necessary documents, without sticking to your given list of supporting documents. Documents that are irrelevant to your submission will not play any part in the approval process. Be guided by a specialist who will highlight to you if a record is or is not required by the officials so that you do not waste your time hunting for them.


6. No Cover Letter Included With PR Application

Without a cover letter, your submission will not highlight your professional achievements, personal achievements, employment history or charitable contributions to the officials. Paul Immigrations has an excellent team of writers to create one just for you.


7. Missing Your Deadline

You would have to restart the entire online application again if you miss the allocated time limit of seven days or 168 hours. Such a circumstance can be avoided by speaking to a professional who will help to streamline the whole process for you. This way, you will be ready to submit the form on time and also have time to review the information to avoid errors.


8. No Professional Support

Not engaging a professional can be the worst decision of your journey. The support given by one is highly advantageous. Having run through thousands of applications, professionals possess the experience from helping other applicants. Even a small mistake is not worth making because the ICA officials do not have the time to give leeways.

How We Can Help You Avoid Errors In Your PR Application Form

Organise Essential Documents
Organise Essential Documents

Depending on your application scheme, you are required to collate a number of essential documents. However, gathering and organising them can take up a considerable amount of your time. Our experts at Paul Immigrations are skilled to handle high volumes of documents systematically so that you are able to do your submission well-prepared.

Assist With The Submission
Assist With The Submission

Submitting your application via the e-PR online service is a complicated process. You will need to be extremely careful and precise whilst filling up the fields. Doing so without proper guidance or supervision would risk your submission of being rejected. Engaging our specialists would solve all your concerns from understanding the online form to submitting it successfully.

Provide You With Sound Advice
Provide You With Sound Advice

Ensuring that your PR application gets approved is not an easy feat. But with sound advice from our experts, you would have a greater possibility of achieving it. One reason is because our specialists are highly experienced. They are skilled to understand your profile’s strengths and provide key recommendations for areas that can be improved to greatly benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The success of an application relies on various factors, and a complete submission is just the first step. ICA is very careful with its filtering. Only the best candidates who fulfil their criteria pass. As such, do ensure that you are eligible and you have applied for PR via the correct scheme.

ICA takes the following factors into high consideration:

  • Length of stay
  • Kinship
  • Academic qualifications
  • Economical contributions
  • Societal contributions
  • Professional background
  • Age

Consulting a professional will help you understand your eligibility and advise you on the next course of action.

Our specialists will remind you to ‘save’ your form each time you complete a section to keep your entries and uploaded documents intact. Should your PC freeze, we can guide you with contacting ICA to update your situation and get help via their technical team.

You may wish to set up an appointment with us when submitting it to minimise technical errors. Experts at Paul Immigrations understand the kind of technical issues an applicant could face. With the wealth of experience, undoubtedly, they will be your go-to personnel should you face such complications.

The ICA has provided a step-by-step guide on how to complete and upload the application successfully. However, even with this guide, the process is painfully tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, it is unlike an ordinary application form — one mistake could cost you your PR approval.

Completing a successful submission depends on:

  • A time limit
  • Exhaustive list of required documents
  • Completion of every field irrespective of relevance
  • The need to ensure accuracy

Hence, consulting someone with in-depth knowledge of the entire process will take these pressures off your shoulders for a smoother experience.

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