3 Key Obstacles For Singapore Permanent Resident Hopefuls

1. Rising Demand Amidst Limited PR Availability

Stricter regulations have tightened the number of PR positions available, giving rise to steep demand. Attaining PR approval amidst stiff competition calls for unique and well-substantiated applications that impress.

2. Laborious Paperwork With Zero Margin for Error

Preparing for an application demands the extensive collation of relevant documents. Submitting unvetted or inaccurate paperwork is strictly unadvisable if you hope to measure up against other equally qualified candidates.

3. Uncertainty Surrounding Your Chances of Success

Applicants are kept in the dark about what it takes to attain SPR approval, regardless of their number of attempts. With no explanation given for rejected cases, how do you ensure that your submission stands a chance?

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6 Perks for a Singapore Permanent Resident Family

Having lived and worked in Singapore for some time, you may be entertaining the possibility of securing a better future here for your loved ones. One of the best ways to settle down here for generations to come is to obtain PR status. By becoming PRs, you and your family are automatically eligible for a portion of the numerous benefits enjoyed by citizens for life.

Read on to discover these benefits for Singapore PR families, and learn how Paul Immigrations can help boost your family’s chances.



1. Enjoy Ease of Travel as Singapore Permanent Resident

Becoming a SPR allows you to eliminate the hassle of additional travel visas. Instead, you will only need a single Re-Entry Permit which lasts five years before renewal. Moreover, your PR status will qualify extended family members such as your parents and in-laws for the Long-Term Visitor Pass (LTVP). This pass allows them to stay in the city with you and enjoy similar immigration benefits as PRs.


2. Subsidised Education for Singapore Permanent Resident Children

International schools are certainly the school of choice for expatriate families. However, enrolling at local institutions will help your child integrate more naturally with the local cohort, especially if you wish to make a life here. Fortunately, as PRs, your children will be able to pick from a wider range of educational institutions, from public preschools to universities. Moreover, subsidised tuition fees at institutions of higher learning can help ease the cost of education borne by you and your spouse.


3. Access to Public Housing for Singapore Permanent Resident Family

As PRs, you and your spouse can access more affordable housing options under the Housing Development Board (HDB). No longer will you have to limit yourself to only options on the higher end of the real estate market like private condominiums. In addition, you are entitled to cover your home purchase with savings in your Central Provident Fund (CPF), a compulsory national savings scheme for citizens and PRs alike.


4. Access to Public Healthcare for Singapore Permanent Resident

Another perk to obtaining PR status is the healthcare subsidy benefits that are available for your loved ones. Medisave is a part of CPF which lets them gain access to more affordable healthcare. This national medical savings scheme can help you pay off costly medical bills for yourself or immediate family, including your spouse, children, parents and grandparents. PRs and citizens are also protected by the safety net of low-cost medical insurance. Your dependants will thus enjoy greater financial security in the long run.


5. Secure Retirement Pension for Singapore Permanent Resident Couples

Applying for PR status now will benefit you and your spouse later in old age. CPF also acts as the national pension system that automatically secures part of one’s earnings for retirement. The system then creates a Retirement Account (RA) when you turn 55 years of age. The RA specifically buoys your old-age expenses, thus easing the financial burden on your children.


6. Singapore Permanent Resident Status is The Pathway to Citizenship

The greatest perk for SPRs is that it affords eligibility for citizenship. Should your children wish to become Singaporeans, they will have a better shot at obtaining citizenship. Holding a Singapore passport also opens up more travel destinations for your children due to the country’s strong diplomatic relations. Additionally, you would be eligible for plenty more incentives such as:

  • Voting rights
  • Government payouts
  • Better tax rates
  • Additional housing subsidies

Paul Immigrations can help get you and your loved ones started on your journey to apply for PR.

How We Can Raise Your Chances At Permanent Resident Status

Highlight Your Strengths
Highlight Your Strengths

Applying together as a family keenly indicates to immigration officials how serious you and your loved ones are about settling down here. Nonetheless, it can be a challenging task to synthesise your collective strengths and contributions into a single package. This is where Paul Immigrations can give your application the edge it needs.

Compose A Cover Letter
Compose A Cover Letter

A well-executed cover letter will effectively convey your family’s strong intentions and eligibility. Enlist the help of professional writing services at Paul Immigrations to elevate your profile. They will be able to compose a cover letter exclusively for your application to boost your chances of success.

Ensure Accurate Submission
Ensure Accurate Submission

Since immigration authorities have to go through thousands of applications, your submission should be properly organised, containing only the latest and most relevant paperwork. Moreover, your forms should be completely filled out with accurate information. Seek the help of the Paul Immigrations team to accomplish each step of the process efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for PR with your family as dependants. In this case, the term ‘dependant’ refers exclusively to your spouse and your biological or legally adopted children who are under 21 and unwed. You can include dependants in your application under:

  • Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) scheme
  • Global Investor Programme (GIP)

However, do note that the Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts) does not allow you to include dependants in your application.

You may sponsor their application via the Family Scheme. Your child can also apply on their own merits if they hold Student Passes.

All individuals above 21 must apply for PR on their own or with their Singaporean spouse under the following:

  • Family scheme
  • Student scheme
  • PTS scheme
  • GIP

Nonetheless, Singapore understands the importance of your role as the primary caregiver for your child. Hence, in these extenuating circumstances, your child may still gain entry to live here under the LTVP scheme.

Unfortunately, only citizens can sponsor Singapore PR for their aged parents. They can still stay with you in the city by holding an LTVP.

Ultimately, becoming a PR yourself is the step to becoming a citizen in the future if you hope to open the door to PR for your parents. You can further discuss the options available for your parents with our specialists.

NS or National Service falls under the Enlistment Act, which requires every male Citizen or Permanent Resident to enlist for two years when they reach 18. Exemption from NS is only for main applicants who have obtained their status under the PTS scheme or the GIP.

As your child will likely apply for PR as your dependant, he will be obligated to serve when he comes of age. Nonetheless, your son will integrate better into society through this common experience shared amongst most male Singaporeans and PRs.

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