5 Singapore PR Requirement for Your Parents

For all the decades of sacrifice your parents have put into your upbringing, it’s no surprise you might be considering Permanent Residency for your folks if you yourself have found a home here.

Indeed, Singapore is an attractive place for many senior citizens to settle down for retirement. Renowned as a safe haven that boasts advanced healthcare, economic stability, and a highly developed transportation system, this may be the best place for your beloved old folks to spend their silver years. As our immigration authorities understand the value of keeping families intact, the Aged Parents scheme that is in place provides Singaporeans the opportunity to care for their folks in old age.

To give your folks the best chance at this coveted status, it’s important to understand how they can apply for permanent residency under this scheme. If you’re keen to know more, read on to learn about the prerequisites that you and your parents need to meet.



1. Singapore PR Requirement: Only Aged Parents of Singapore Citizens

Only an aged mother or father of a Singapore Citizen can apply for SPR. Unfortunately, if you are a PR, they are not eligible to apply to become PRs. Instead, they can opt for a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP), which permits them to reside in the Lion City. Another way is to consider your own citizenship here, which would then enable them to apply for permanent residency.


2. Singapore PR Requirement: Prove You Are Your Parents’ Sole Caregiver

In the application, immigration officials will ask for information on your other family members. If you have siblings in other countries, this indicates that there remains a viable alternative for your old folks to retire comfortably in their previous home country. Conversely, if you are their sole caregiver, they will have a higher chance of getting approved for Singapore PR.


3. Singapore PR Requirement: Prove Your Financial Capabilities

Getting approval for applications under the Aged Parents scheme is heavily determined by your ability to support them. It is more likely they are close to or in their retirement years, which means that the financial responsibility lies with you as their sponsor. Immigration officials will want to know how financially well-positioned you are, so it is good to show that you are stably employed for one to two years at your current job with a salary substantial enough to support yourself, as well as your old folks in their current living situation.


4. Singapore PR Requirement: Ensure Your Parents Are Well Integrated

The Lion City prides itself as a diverse yet harmonious society and wants to maintain these strong bonds of social cohesion. It is important to ensure that your mother/father can integrate with the community here. Two ways to encourage this integration are:

  • Being able to converse in English, the common language here
  • Actively participating in community activities

If they prove to have integrated well into the society here, this signals to the immigration officials they are ready to settle here for good and increase their chances of getting approval for permanent residency. Ultimately, it is also for their benefit that they can meld comfortably into our society.


5. Singapore PR Requirement: Include All Documents in English

If your situation meets the above so far, that’s great. When applying, make sure to have on hand all the important paperwork. Applications are submitted electronically on the e-Service portal, so do check that you have scanned copies of all the relevant documents. On top of that, be sure to include soft copies of the translations of any of the required documents if they are not in English from the following verified sources:

  • A notary public based in the country of issue or Singapore
  • The high commission/embassy of the country of issue
  • Private translators whose translations are (a) authenticated by the high commission/embassy of the country that issued the document; or (b) notarised by a notary public based in the country of issue or Singapore

Including the approved translations of these key documents will improve your chances of a successful application.

How We Can Help Your Parents Meet Singapore PR Requirement

Expert Advice on Application Timing
Expert Advice on Application Timing

The waiting time after submission is anywhere between four to six months, and applicants who fail will have to wait at least six months to re-apply. Hence, it is best to maximise your chances at a successful application on the first try. Our specialists at Paul Immigrations will be able to identify the most opportune timing for your application.

Ensure Complete Documentation
Ensure Complete Documentation

A challenge many applicants face is to include all the key documents in their application. The long list of paperwork that you need to provide to the immigration officials can be mind-boggling for most. On top of that, the chances for PR approval may be lowered if any documents are missing. Getting an expert with years of experience will help ensure every single document has been accounted for.

Streamline the Application Process
Streamline the Application Process

It may take some time to navigate the e-Service portal smoothly while trying to submit your application. You may also feel stressed about completing all the necessary tasks within the allotted time. With the guidance of an expert, you can sail through the process more efficiently without compromising your chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous benefits made available to seniors who choose to take up permanent residency in Singapore.

The strong healthcare system and its accompanying safety nets will matter to your family as they begin to enter their silver years. Just like Singaporean Citizens, all PRs are covered by the national insurance, MediShield Life. This scheme helps you foot their medical bills and meet these unforeseen medical costs without disrupting your overall financial stability.

As caregivers, you will also receive governmental support in the form of the reduced domestic worker levy. This enables you to better ensure their well-being and safety in old age.

Elderly citizens and PRs also have access to Lifelong Learning Courses under SkillsFuture and National Silver Academy. These courses are great opportunities for your old folks to meet new people and strengthen their bonds with the community.

No, unfortunately, you must become a Citizen to be able to sponsor their application.

Taking the time to identify where your application may fall short of the eligibility criteria is always fruitful. If you remain unsure about which is the best way forward, Paul Immigrations has the expertise to guide you and your family through this process.

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