3 Hurdles Faced With PR Online Application

1. Higher Demand for PR

The amount of talented applicants vying for SPR is on the rise while the number of new PRs per year are consistently the same. Ultimately, the odds of getting a hold of permanent residence are now even less in your favour.

2. Unsure of Chances of Approval

The approval process is completely classified. With nothing to benchmark against, can you be certain the application you are putting up is one that can measure up against the competition?

3. Daunting Application Process

You only have one chance when submitting your application. With that comes numerous forms and mandatory documents to upload. Any oversight such as incorrect details or absent documentation can dash your chances.

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4 Tips for Your PR Online Application

There is a common misconception that the overall e-PR submission is easy and straightforward. However, for applicants who are unfamiliar with it, the site can be complicated to navigate and access. Here are some tips that you can utilise for a smoother and quicker submission.



1. Organise Documents Before Your PR Online Application

It is vital that you get your paperwork in order before you start the process. This is to ensure that you don’t waste any time looking for the documents you need when the time comes. The problem is, once you start the e-PR process, you will only have 7 days to complete it.

Now imagine that you are unable to find a specific document and you need to make a few calls or send a few emails to the relevant authorities to obtain the documents you need. This process can easily take a week or more, depending on how efficient the administration in your country is. That is why it is important that you have all the paperwork you need beforehand.

In addition to having all your paperwork with you, you will also have to organise them in the proper order. Considering the number of documents required by the ICA, it can be challenging for an applicant to collate and organise them. This is one of the main reasons why you should hire an immigration specialist to handle this for you.

With the help of Paul Immigrations, you will benefit from our experience in consolidating all the required documents. That way, you will not need to worry about leaving any of them out.


2. Include a Professionally Written Cover Letter With Your PR Online Application

Additional documents such as a cover letter and letters of recommendation will go a long way in stacking the odds in your favour. When done right, they will display your best qualities and contributions to society. However, the preparation of a cover letter can easily take a lot of time and know-how to plan out and write.  This is when hiring an immigration specialist comes in handy. Our team of specialists will write one for you and pay careful attention to highlighting your strengths and professional qualifications.


3. Ensure All Information in Your PR Online Application is Timely and Accurate

Providing accurate information is crucial for your PR submission. Failing to do so will cause your application to be rejected. Moreover, due to the time constraint, it is highly possible for applicants to provide the wrong information or documents. Engaging a professional specialist lowers the chances of such mistakes by ensuring that your documents are up-to-date and valid.

Our team of specialists will save you precious time and effort to fact-check your paperwork prior to submission. Nothing will be left out.


4. Ask an Expert to Vet Your PR Online Application

The PR online application process is a thorough and tedious one, and you may feel anxious about the pressure of completing it accurately. If you are ever in doubt, a professional specialist can vet your application along the way to verify its accuracy and provide the next best possible answer for any questions at hand, instead of leaving it blank.

We will guide you through the entire process and advise you when you are stuck at certain stages of the e-PR process. This way, you will not compromise it by leaving certain fields blank whenever you are unsure of how to answer. Additionally, our specialists will go the extra mile to double-check your information to ensure that the information provided in your form fulfils the criteria.

How Paul Immigrations Helps With Your PR Online Application

Reduce Needless Time Wastage
Reduce Needless Time Wastage

Dealing with professionals means there is less time wastage when compiling, organising and preparing your documents. Moreover, our specialists have the expertise and experience to craft your cover letter. All of these will allow you to save time and help you focus on the other matters related to your application.

Simplify the Application Process
Simplify the Application Process

The application process can be somewhat tiresome and tricky. Whether you are navigating your way around the e-PR system or putting together your submission, engaging a professional team will significantly ease the tedious legwork. Our specialists can simplify the entire process, saving precious time and effort.

Guide You Through the Entire Process
Guide You Through the Entire Process

Having accumulated years of experience in the industry, specialists at Paul Immigrations can expertly guide you through the entire process. Whether you need help with your form or are struggling with your extensive document list, our experts can lead you through the entire process from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Providing additional documents such as a cover letter will highlight your strengths and will increase your chances of approval. Our team of specialists can craft personalised cover letters that will help your profile stand out by showcasing your strengths. This will prove your keen involvement and interest in the overall betterment of Singapore.

Length of stay in the country and employment affect your chances of becoming a Singapore PR. For instance, there is a minimum residency requirement of 6 months that you will need to fulfil when applying for permanent resident status in Singapore. Having at least a year or two of residence can greatly increase your chances of approval.

The ICA has the final say on the outcome of your permanent resident application, hence not meeting the eligibility criteria might not automatically lead to your submission being rejected. The government takes a holistic approach when assessing an applicant’s profile, and certain achievements and professional experience may very well stack the odds in your favour.

Our team of professionals will assist with the preparation and submission of your application. From crafting a personalised cover letter to organising all your required documents, the specialists will invest the time and effort required to produce an outstanding submission.

No, you do not. That being said, you need to meet the eligibility criteria before you start working on it.

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