4 Reasons to Engage a PR Application Service

With only an approximate of 30,000 applicants successfully being granted Permanent Resident (PR) status in Singapore each year, the PR application process is one that should not be taken lightly. Any mistakes or inaccurate information in your application can lead to a rejection, forcing you to invest even more of your time and effort to submit an appeal.

This is why engaging the services of an immigration consultancy can be extremely helpful, rather than attempting to prepare your submission on your own. The expertise and guidance you would receive from a professional service can be the difference between a successful and rejected application. Read on to find out more on how a PR agent Singapore will be able to help when you are applying for permanent residency.


1. Ensure Accuracy in Your Submission

There are several steps to the entire Singapore PR application process, one of which is completing the application form on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) online  portal, the electronic Permanent Residence (e-PR) system. There are different sections that need to be completed in the form, which can be tedious to handle on your own. Accidentally keying in the wrong information or missing out on a section are entirely plausible, which can then cost you the chance of acquiring PR status.

To prevent this from happening, it is wise to have a professional who is familiar with the e-PR system and is able to help you navigate through the process seamlessly.


2. Help Your Application Stand Out

The path to acquiring permanent residency in Singapore is a competitive one, and finding ways to set yourself apart from the other applicants is crucial in increasing your approval chances. However, how do you do this effectively without the expertise of a professional who has the knowledge of what ICA is looking for in a potential PR?

With their industry expertise, an immigration specialist will be able to assess your individual situation and advise you on how you can make yourself stand out.


3. Identify Your Areas of Strength

Another way to increase your chances of gaining permanent residency in Singapore is to identify your areas of strength. This can include the economic contributions you have made while working in the country, or your active involvement in the local community.

An immigration specialist will be able to help you identify these positive aspects of yourself and highlight them in the form of a cover letter, eliminating the need for you to draft this letter on your own.


4. Guarantee Timely Submission

Once you have started with your application on the e-PR system, you will be required to submit it within the next seven days, or 168 hours. If you fail to make your submission within this time frame, you will have to start afresh from the very beginning, rendering the time you spent on the first round a waste.

However, with a immigration specialist’s guidance, this entire process can be planned and organised to ensure that the different tasks that need to be done gets completed on time. This will ensure no task is left unchecked and every single aspect of your submission is completed with accuracy.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help Improve Your PR Chances

Write a Personalised Cover Letter
Write a Personalised Cover Letter

Supplementing your submission with a cover letter is a way for you to highlight the ways you can contribute to Singapore as a PR. At Paul Immigrations, our team of professional writers will craft this for you, ensuring it is personalised to your own unique strengths and positive traits.

Make Your Application Unique
Make Your Application Unique

Every applicant will be including the same set of required documents, making it a challenge for you to set yourself apart from the crowd. Our team of specialists will advise you on other additional supporting documents to include in your submission for it to be unique.

Provide Industry Expertise
Provide Industry Expertise

Our team of specialists has acquired years of experience in the process of applying for permanent residency. With their guidance, you can set your worries aside and trust the expertise of our specialists in helping you become a Singapore PR.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the final outcome of your application lies solely in the hands of ICA, opting for the help of a PR consultancy does not guarantee that you will be granted permanent residency in Singapore. However, the likelihood of you being granted PR status is higher if you engage a professional immigrations specialist as they have the necessary expertise to help you with your submission.

For instance, at Paul Immigrations, our team of specialists will first assess your PR eligibility to estimate your approval chances. This assessment will also enable our specialists to determine which aspects of your individual situation can be highlighted in your submission to increase its success rate. If you would like to confirm whether you are eligible for PR status in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact our experts at Paul Immigrations.

There are several steps involved in the service offered by Paul Immigrations, beginning from the consultation stage all the way to the actual submission to ICA. The whole process can take an average of one to two months.

The first step to our service is a PR eligibility check by one of our specialists — the purpose of this step is to assess the likelihood of you acquiring permanent residency in Singapore. Next, we will help you compile all of your supporting documents to be uploaded on the e-PR system. In addition, we will advise you on any additional paperwork that might help boost the success rate of your submission. This includes a cover letter, which will be drafted by one of our professional writers. Your application is ready for submission once we have completed all of these steps.

Since you will be vying for PR status against thousands of other applicants, a cover letter will be able to help bring a unique perspective to your submission in the eyes of ICA. At Paul Immigrations, our expert team of writers will help you draft a customised cover letter highlighting your strengths, accomplishments, and positive attributes. This will be sent to you for your approval before we submit it to ICA with the rest of your documents.

Individuals who are keen on acquiring PR status in Singapore should only apply when they meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the PR scheme they are applying under. Submitting an application when you do not meet all of the criteria will only set yourself up for failure as your submission will be considered invalid. 

Therefore, we suggest to only opt for the services of a PR consultancy when you have met the eligibility criteria to prevent any time wasted on your part.

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