3 Major Hurdles When You Apply PR for Spouse

1. Uncertainty Over Approval Chances

Applying for Singapore PR comes with immense uncertainty due to the secrecy of the assessment process. You may easily penalise yourself by opting for a scheme that fails to highlight your strengths, leading to rejection.

2. Demanding Documentation Process

Many individuals leave out critical documents in their haste to submit the application. You may risk a nullified submission if the required information is not substantiated with the necessary supporting documents.

3. Tricky Process

Mistakes are detrimental to your application, and the tedious and tricky process requires far more meticulousness than you may think. How certain are you that your submission is up to mark?

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3 Ways to Apply PR for Spouse

Do you have plans to plant your roots in Singapore and wish to bring your spouse over to the country? Then it might be wise for you to consider applying for permanent residency for your other half.

There are a number of ways available for you to submit a PR application for your significant other involving the different Permanent Resident (PR) schemes established by the government. The one you decide to submit an application under depends on your spouse’s situation as well as whether they meet the eligibility criteria. Below, we will go through each of the ways you can apply for permanent residency for your husband or wife.



1. Apply PR for Spouse Under the Family Scheme

If you are a Singapore Citizen (SC) or PR, you may choose to submit a PR application for your spouse under this option, as long as both of you are legally married. This option also allows you to submit an application for your children who are unmarried, below 21 years of age, and were either born in a legitimate marriage or legally adopted.


2. Apply PR for Spouse as a Dependant

Your husband or wife may submit an application for permanent residency as your dependant if you are submitting a PR application under one of the two following options:

PTS Scheme

You are eligible for the Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) scheme if you hold an Employment Pass or S Pass. Other criteria ICA may take into consideration include:

  • Length of stay in Singapore
  • Duration of employment in Singapore


To make a submission under the Global Investor Programme (GIP), you have to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • A strong business track record
  • A successful entrepreneurial history


3. Apply PR for Spouse On Their Own Merits

Besides submitting an application as your dependant, your other half may opt to do so for permanent residency under their own merits. In this case, the PR schemes available to them include the following: PTS, GIP, and the Foreign Artistic Talent (ForArts).

For PTS and GIP, your spouse has to meet the same eligibility criteria as what we have stated above. For the ForArts scheme, these are the minimum eligibility criteria your partner has to fulfil:

  • Have relevant training/education in their field of specialty
  • Have relevant professional experience alongside exceptional achievements in the field of Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design and/or Media
  • Contributed significantly to the local arts and cultural industry
  • Strong plans to participate in the local arts and cultural industry in the future

How Paul Immigrations Can Help You Apply PR for Spouse

Find Your Strengths
Find Your Strengths

Unsure which PR scheme will give your husband or wife the best approval chances? Our expert specialists at Paul Immigrations will help determine your partner’s strong suits, and assess which PR scheme will emphasise their strengths and increase their application’s success rate.

Compile All Documents
Compile All Documents

Depending on which PR scheme your partner is applying for PR status under, there is a list of necessary supporting documents ICA requires every applicant to submit. At Paul Immigrations, we will take on this tedious task for you and ensure every document has been accounted for.

Provide Expert Advice
Provide Expert Advice

Avoid any confusion or mistakes in your application and let our team of specialists at Paul Immigrations help your husband or wife navigate their way through the whole process for a seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

This may be due to a number of reasons. One is to check if you are in a stable employment position. Other reasons include gauging the likelihood of you staying in Singapore for the long-term, and if you have a family, your ability to provide for them financially.

If your other half has only worked in Singapore for less than six months, applying for PR via the PTS scheme might put her at a disadvantage. Therefore, it might be wise for you to submit the application for your other half via the Family scheme instead.

If you wish to apply for PR status for your child under this option, they have to first fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Unmarried
  • Below 21 years old
  • Born within a legal context or legally adopted

If your child meets these criteria, you may consider including them in your partner’s PR application to increase your other half’s chances of acquiring PR status in Singapore.

By including your child in your partner’s submission, this may display to ICA your willingness and commitment to plant your roots in the country as a family. Furthermore, foreign children who are granted permanent residency in Singapore will more likely be viewed as potential assets to the country in the future. Thus, this may put your partner’s submission in a better light in the eyes of ICA.

There are multiple other factors ICA may take into consideration when assessing your partner’s submission if you were to include your child as well. For example, ICA may look into your family’s financial situation and the duration of marriage between you and your partner.

Paul Immigrations’ team of experts are able to assess your spouse’s eligibility for PR the moment they run through the documents. They will be able to point out the plus and minus points. Their guidance will help your application to stand out amongst all the others. If you need your application to be processed as fast as possible, engaging a professional will go a long way in streamlining the entire process.

The minimum length of time a couple has been married is not an eligibility criterion specifically stated by ICA for individuals who wish to apply for permanent residency in Singapore. That being said, the duration of your marriage can be a contributing factor in your spouse’s application.

Generally, your significant other’s approval chances may be higher if the two of you have been married for a longer period of time as it reflects the stability of your relationship. Apart from the duration of your marriage, other factors that may contribute to your partner’s approval chances are:

  • Whether your spouse is employed, and if so;
  • Their length of employment
  • Their monthly income 

Since the Singapore PR application is done on ICA’s online portal, the electronic Permanent Residence (e-PR) system, your husband or wife does not have to be in the country to submit their application.

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