3 Main Hurdles Faced by Singapore Permanent Resident Hopefuls

1. Rigorous Assessment Process

As the competition for limited PR approvals gets fiercer, applicants now face a much more stringent assessment that filters out the unremarkable. Sending in a generic application that fails to leave a lasting impression is a major misstep.

2. Uncertain PR Prospects

Little information about the assessment criteria is available for applicants, making it tricky to ascertain your eligibility. Proceeding with no official methodology leaves you open to costly mistakes, jeopardising your chances.

3. Overwhelming Load of Paperwork

A high volume of mandatory documents will engulf even the most adept of applicants. Under pressure, you may mistakenly provide an incomplete set of papers and render your submission invalid. How can you ensure that your paperwork will not lead to rejection?

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3 Tips to Become a Singapore Permanent Resident

Obtaining the Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) status would be a dream for many foreigners living and working in Singapore. One would have realised the number of advantages an SPR has over a Non-Singaporean.

To put it into simple context, being an SPR means that you would be able to get a roof above your head under the public housing scheme. Hence, the stability of your residence is assured. Travelling would also become a breeze without the need for a visa to visit around 190 countries and their territories. As an SPR, you would also be able to stand in as sponsors for your family members to become permanent residents.

Additionally, there would be freedom for you to switch jobs. This is not possible if you are holding onto an EP, PEP, EntrePass or S Pass that ties you down with your employer. SPRs also enjoy medical subsidies, retirement savings — known as the Central Provident Fund — and priority placements in government schools.

Having understood these benefits, next would be the application process. But it is not an easy road to travel. So, if you are planning to become an SPR or have faced a rejection before, do read on to learn the 3 tips to increase your next application’s approval chances.



1. Live in Singapore for a Long Time to Become a Singapore Permanent Resident

Take notice of how long you have been living in this Little Red Dot and have been contributing to the economy. The duration of your stay determines how much you have understood about the country — the people, the infrastructure, the local society’s needs, the culture and more. Hence, the minimum stay requirement for Singapore PR is indeed seen as one of the key requisites. So if you can, stay longer and be part of the workforce.


2. Apply as a Family with Children To Increase Your Chances of Becoming A Singapore Permanent Resident

Have your family roots sown in Singapore. When you apply for the PR status as a household under the Family Scheme, it sends a message — that you are serious about settling down in this country, educating your children and growing old here.


3. Be Socially Active to Boost Your Possibility of Becoming Singapore Permanent Resident

Join the local events around you, and be part of the active community with your family. This would uplift the true blue ’Singaporean’ spirit and also have you contribute to the society positively. Take part in charity events, be a volunteer, be in the sports scene, be in the arts scene, be part of your neighborhood meet-ups and cultural events.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help You

Impressive Cover Letter
Impressive Cover Letter

Having an admirable cover letter indeed puts your application above the rest. It would be one that highlights all your best qualities and great achievements in a convincing package. Paul Immigrations’ in-house editors have extensive experience in drafting such winning cover letters.

Systematic Document Collation
Systematic Document Collation

There are multiple documents to be collated, translations to be made, declaration forms to be filled up. Our specialists at Paul Immigrations are highly qualified to advise you on what to prepare ahead so that you are completely ready with all the necessary documents for submission.

Ensure Error-Free Submission
Ensure Error-Free Submission

The e-PR submission platform can be daunting for many. A single error might deem your entire application invalid. Hence, engaging our experts at Paul Immigrations would therefore erase all your worries — ensuring that your application is submitted without any errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Age does not completely determine the result because ICA assesses every application holistically across several different factors.

Yes, employers have an important role in your application’s success. Their written recommendations would indicate your capabilities at work and how well you have been contributing to the economy.

Your chances are higher if you live here with your family and have young children. Given its ageing population, the nation would definitely prefer to have younger residents. Including your children in your application would indicate to the authorities that their education and future are rooted in Singapore — meaning, a younger generation is here for nation-building.

Tap on the expertise of an immigration consultancy firm like Paul Immigrations to learn why the application did not go through. Multiple factors affect one’s application, and to name a few, they may be:

  • Age
  • Your duration of residence
  • Education and professional expertise
  • Insufficient or incorrect information/ documents
  • Your contributions to the economy and the community

Assess your eligibility, understand your chances to attain the SPR status and strengthen your profile before submitting again would be our suggestion to you.

It may be an influencing factor, but not the only one that ICA will look at. You may apply under the Student Scheme for ICA to consider. Note that you should have already lived in Singapore for more than 2 years, passed at least one national exam (i.e. PSLE or GCE ‘N’/’O’/’A’ levels) or been in the Integrated Programme (IP).

Please also take note of the following when submitting your application:

  • A digital coloured photograph is necessary
  • Be extremely meticulous when filling up the offline form
  • Indication of ‘N.A.’ wherever applicable is crucial
  • Non-English documents must be translated by ICA-approved translators

Your entire application is at risk of being rejected should you not fulfil any of their paperwork or criteria. Get in touch with our highly trained specialists at Paul Immigrations to receive guidance with the process or requisites.

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