Clients’ Testimonials

Betty Kang, 40 | PR Application Approved in 8 months
Vietnam, Senior Sales Associate

“Getting a Singapore PR is not easy from what I read in the forums and online. Lucky for me, I sought Paul Immigrations help for application to become a Singapore PR and am very happy to obtain it! Thank you for your help!”

Violet Xia, 35 | PR Application Approved in 6 months
Australia, Logistics Manager

“I’m finally a Singapore PR! Good job to Paul Immigrations. They took charge of the application and made me feel assured. Recommend anyone who is looking to apply a PR!”

Raymond Yao, 38 | PR Application Approved in 7 months
Hong Kong, Product Designer

“It was a good experience getting help from them… Kind, professional and friendly staff who know what they are doing. I was treated very well by the consultant and I like the type of cover letter they can come up for me. Good attention to detail.”

Bhagya Sahan, 44 | PR Application Approved in 6 months
India, Business Operations Lead

“Paul Immigrations is the place to go if you are looking for a Singapore PR. You can skip the hassle of preparing all your documents. The specialist here did all the work for me and made pr application look so easy. Kudos to your amazing service!”

Koh Li Hui, 39 | PR Application Approved in 7 months
Malaysia, Senior Interior Designer

“The staff here have been very helpful to us since day 1. The process was very smooth and easy due to their expertise and professionalism… We have received our approval within 7 months. Our heartfelt thank you for all the exceptional help.”

*Actual success may vary, based on the individual's qualifications. Paul Immigrations Pte Ltd cannot guarantee that the Singapore authorities will agree with our Consultant's assessment.