10 Common Struggles Faced By Applicants Applying On Their Own

First-Time Applicants
  • Tedious paperwork with a strict time frame
  • Unfamiliarity with the application process
  • Difficulty navigating the e-Service
  • May not fulfill all criteria required by ICA
  • Lack knowledge on how to make their application stand out
  • Faced multiple times of rejection
  • Tedious amount of paperwork
  • Difficulty navigating the new e-Service
  • Unsure of where to upload the additional documents
  • Unaware of the reasons for the past application’s rejection

Why You Should Apply For PR Now?

Singapore PRs hold the key to benefits that are unattainable to non-citizens. From access to world-class healthcare and education to subsidised housing and greater employment opportunities, life as a PR promises greater stability. This is the path that you should be on if you’re looking to become a citizen. Make Singapore your home.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help You

Offer Key Insights and Expertise
Offer Key Insights and Expertise

The PR application process can seem complicated and tedious for many applicants. Our team of specialists can ease this significantly for you by offering key insights and expertise, garnered through years of experience.

These tips and insights can help you gain an upper hand, leading you one step closer to attaining your approval.

Organise All Necessary Documents
Organise All Necessary Documents

As all submissions are made through the online portal of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA), any missing documents during this step can result in an incomplete application. This will cause your submission to be invalid.

Let our team of professionals take this off your hands and personally ensure that nothing is left out in your submission.

Prepare Additional Essential Documents
Prepare Additional Essential Documents

Additional documents that display your best qualities and contributions, including a letter of recommendation by your employer, will set you apart from other applicants. This can increase the success rate of your PR application.

Armed with years of experience, our team of specialists will be able to help you prepare them.

Craft Personalised Cover Letters
Craft Personalised Cover Letters

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority handles cases by the thousands, making it essential for you to set your submission apart from the rest of the applicants.

Our specialised team of writers will craft the personalised cover letters, using your strengths to help you stand out from the crowd in the best way.

Lead You Throughout the Entire Process
Lead You Throughout the Entire Process

The various types of documents required can make the whole process tiresome. One mistake can deem your submission invalid, thus compromising the likelihood of you gaining the PR status.

Let us guide you throughout the entire process to ensure you do not miss any important documents or other pertinent information.

Minimise Hassle & Time Wastage
Minimise Hassle Time Wastage

The e-Service portal can seem complex, especially if you are not familiar with it. Without an expert to guide you, you might end up wasting a lot of precious time trying to navigate your way through it. Whether it is to ensure that all required forms are filled or filing any document correctly on the portal, our team will help make your submission process an efficient and seamless one.

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